Are you a world traveler searching far-off places oozed with history & legends?
A new Ironbarque expedition is on the horizon: during July and August, a two weeks voyage and 700nm across the Irish Sea to explore the wild nature, unique geological formation, and the rich customs & culture of remote islands and ancient bays in the North of Scotland.
We start and return in Belfast.
Our first stop will be Oban – a picturesque coastal town known as the “Gateway to the Isles”. From there, we set sail to the Isle of Mull, the second-largest of the Hebridean islands, which boasts a rich history, stunning natural scenery, and, last but not least, the pastel-colored port of Tobermory.
Via Mallaig, with its impossible white sandy beaches and unforgettable sunsets over the Isles of Rum, we explore the Isle of Sky, the largest of the Inner Hebrides. It’s home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes. We are staying in Sky with a stopover in Dunvegan—home of the oldest continuously-inhabited castle in Scotland, the seat of the chief of Clan MacLeod.
We will leave behind the Inner Hebrides and sail north for the Isle of Lewis and Harris, renowned for its beautiful beaches, ancient standing stones, and vibrant Gaelic culture.
Depending on the weather, we might be more adventurous and sail to the remote and uninhabited island of St. Kilda, home to a unique ecosystem of seabirds and marine mammals.
Along the way, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to anchor in secluded coves, go ashore to explore charming coastal villages, and enjoy the fresh local seafood and other regional delicacies that the Hebrides are known for.
Hiking, cycling, visiting local castles & museums, and of course, tasting the products of the local whiskey distilleries will be on the agenda. During the travel, you can participate in the yacht’s maneuvers under close guidance from our well-seasoned Captain Oleg Margina if you want to improve your nautical & navigation skills. 
Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a first-time cruiser, a sailing trip in the Hebrides will surely be an unforgettable adventure.
Remember your hiking boots, skipper license & passport, and join us! The whole tour will be 14 days, starting and returning to Belfast.

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Ironbarque is organising this expedition on the following dates:
July 15th – July 28th (2 places left)
July 29th – Aug 11th
Aug 12th – Aug 25th